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All About The Bikini Wax 👙

The bikini wax, you either hate it or you love it.

If you hate it, let’s face it, you probably haven’t had one!

How could you not love smooth skin for weeks and dramatically slowed hair growth?

In fact, many women are dedicated to this necessary evil.

Every 3 to 6 weeks we’re making that dreaded walk to our favorite place,

to see our favorite tech.


Bless our techs! 😇😂

If you’ve had:

razor burn, nicks, painful ingrowns, impacted hair, itchy, prickly hair, thinned skin, scarring or discoloration due to other forms of hair removal, then you should definitely give waxing a try.

Waxing, along with proper skin care will at the very least, manage bikini break outs.

It’s not as bad as you think, I promise!

With the proper technique, care and attention to your body and skin type,

your wax will be over before you know it!

(Even if it’s not, what’s about 15 mins of moderate pain for weeks of worry free bikini care?)

Before you make an appointment…

Make sure your wax tech is LICENSED in the state.

Your hair should AT LEAST be 1/4 in long, or the length of a grain of rice.

Hydrate, make sure to start drinking a good amount of water at least 2 days prior to your wax.

Exfoliate, this helps with the wax result, exfoliate at least 2 days before your wax. (Never the day of.)

Proper skincare is important, use a gentle ph balanced wash & a lightweight moisturizer the day of your wax.

Come Fresh! Don’t Be Rude To Your Waxer, freshen up before your appointment.

Don’t expect a perfect first time wax. There are many factors that contribute to your wax result including skin condition, hair growth and type, skin texture and type and hair length.

When you arrive and during your wax…

Most likely, the tech will be in the room the entire time.

Nerves may be there, but no worries this is very normal.

So bottoms off, and hop up on the freshly laid paper!

It may be cold, this is for the wax and your possible sweating (we all sweat a little).

You have to be able to butterfly your legs and move to other positions (Stretch that morning if you need).

Your waxer may talk you through the steps, after all it’s your body, we want you to be aware of what’s going on!

Do not move!

Seriously. Don‘t move.

Just try to relax and enjoy the music and conversation. You can tell us anything, we ain’t trippin. 😉

After your wax…

Your waxer will give you post treatment and home care instructions, this is important to maintain the best possible skin. Skin takes time to adjust to a new routine, so be patient and be consistent.

Book your next appointment it’s easier to do before leaving so that you wont have to think about it.

Make sure you have everything you need for your home routine. Most waxers have product’s to purchase and take home if you are not sure about what to use, and where to shop. Plus the waxer’s product line is most likely selected with waxed skin in mind. You can trust them, your wax is their work, you represent them now! ✨


It’s a little controversial, but having been on both sides as client and tech…

Make sure to tip. Even though this is the career they chose, this is still a very intimate service that you probably couldn’t and wouldn’t do without them. Showing appreciation will encourage your waxer to go above and beyond, and shows that you actually care about the service and their suggested skin care routine.

Now what are you waiting for? Go book that bikini service!

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